Kim Hart

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Character: Kim Hart
Age: 38, Three Sizes:

Occupation: Fitness Coach

Personality: Devious, Slutty, Domineering and Cocky

Description: She believes she can get her way with any man she wants without effort by swaying her ‘assets’. She follows young men on social media and DMs on their Shotagram. She lures them in due to her body in taking titillating selfies. She’s cunning in using sweet words to encourage weaker men to come back for more whenever she’s horny. She believes that any man would submit to her, giving her a sense of pride at what she does.

Likes: Men with lots of stamina and endurance with a big cock. Prefers to have a penis inside her all night long, especially on cold nights. Being the lead during sex, likes to be dominant and does w/e she wants, hence why she picks out weaker guys with large cocks. She enjoys being an exhibitionist when her son is watching. Foreplay is her favorite action before enjoying raw sex.

Dislikes: Doesn’t want to get interrupted during sex. Not interested in straight to sex without getting wet/moist, ruins her mood. Doesn’t want a man with a smaller than average penis. Spineless men that are cowards and cheapskates.

Backstory: Kim has her son look for bachelors/unmarried men that’s around his age. Whenever she can’t find any while she is out working. Her son gladly helps her because  it’ll reduce her nagging whenever she’s sexually frustrated. She cares for her son a lot and never neglects him even when she’s in the middle of sex. When she’s done having sex with whoever she’s with, she goes online to find the next guy. As she only keeps the ones in her personal contacts that impresses her with their ability and size.